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Good Podcast Transcriptionist Proves to be a Game-Changer for Your Business

It is certainly not an overstatement to say that digital revolution has engulfed the world, completely! None of the sphere remains untouched as it has transformed every walk of life. And in this digital-oriented world; podcasts have rapidly made their way into wider public domain; in fact it is enjoying quite popularity across several industrial [...]

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Legal Transcription Resolves Legal Complexities

Law demands strong and foolproof evidences. Legal cases with weak evidences mostly end up as a disaster! Among various forms of legal proofs that are widely used in legal proceedings; audio and video evidences are seen as one of those most credible and important ones. Working on recorded audio and video evidence along with briefs, [...]

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Points to Consider for Flawless Documentary Interview Transcription

For broadcasting industry; Sky is the limit – It is transiting at an extremely rapid pace. And to match up with such swift transition; one needs to bring in lot of support in form of various non-core activities. Even general transcription services have made way in the media and broadcasting industry. One other such area [...]

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Media Transcription Services – Did You Streamline Your Operations?

The world the around us is changing at the speed of light. Every minute, you hear or see something that happens in different corners of the world. In fact, these happenings have set the newsrooms abuzz with latest events; so much that it becomes very important to capture and post these fleeting news almost immediately [...]

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Few Elements that your Transcription Business Must Contain..!!!

Sky is the limit for transcription services! – At present, it has bloomed in all its glory – General transcription is now no longer restricted to just one service. It has manifested itself and has been bifurcated into numerous offshoots – Business, academic, legal, media and inventory transcription to name a few. Since, transcription is [...]

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Transcription Services for Academicians – A Breath of Fresh Air for Students and Educators

What is that first thing that just pops up in your mind when you come across transcription services? – I am sure you will start imagining medical offices & court rooms! However, things have gone through a complete transformation with time; nowadays, it is not just restricted to court rooms or hospitals. General transcription services [...]

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