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Verbatim Transcription Services

Verbatim transcription services refer to the transcription of every spoken word recorded in a recordable media. When compared to non-verbatim transcription, verbatim transcription includes even sighs, remarks, laughs, giggles, etc.

Generally verbatim transcription services are utilized for court proceedings transcription, feature film transcription, movie transcription, documentary transcription, TV shows transcription, etc. Hi-Tech Transcription Services has been providing verbatim transcription services to customers ranging from legal fraternity to production houses from the broadcasting industry.

Our verbatim transcription services in India are renowned due to their cost-effectiveness and exceptional quality output. Our specialized verbatim transcription services are the best alternative to all your audio transcription and media transcription services requirements.

We can provide most accurate transcripts and subtitles to your recorded media file for greater adaptability amongst audiences from various walks of life. We also include time codes in our verbatim transcription services, for the easy location of the data on your original recorded media file.

Outsource verbatim transcription services to India, and experience the sheer accuracy, quality and professionalism of our verbatim transcription services.

Benefits of our Verbatim Transcription Services:

  • Quick and accurate verbatim transcription services
  • Highly economic verbatim transcription services rates
  • Verbatim transcription into the text format of your preference
  • Guaranteed quality output
  • Unrivaled round the clock customer assistance
  • Expertise to transcribe audio recording and media recording with background noise and thick accent etc.

We have years of experience working with various customers catering to their verbatim transcription services requirements, whether big or small. Our verbatim transcription India team handles all our verbatim transcription services and is very good at delivering 98.99% accurate verbatim transcription services to customers from all across the world. The unit is well equipped to offer the best verbatim transcription services. Our verbatim transcription services can be delivered to you in the text format of your choice.

Our skilled and experienced verbatim transcription services workforce can competently and accurately transcribe your recorded media files on TAT basis, without any compromise on the quality of the output. Our affordably priced verbatim transcription services will be the best, when compared to our competitors.

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